“Five Shoes From Payless That Are In My Nightmares”

Artfully Awear was inspired by a fellow blogger Blake Wright when he sketched Thirty Shoes from Barneys New York I Can’t Live Without Or Afford.

So, she decided to draw up her own (female) version.

His original draft was followed up by, Five Shoes From Payless That Are In My Budget And My Nightmares. Classic! 🙂

Not only are the drawings quite good but it’s hilarious. Who hasn’t at one time or another felt like this? No one wants anything they own to look cheap, yet everyone loves scoring something for a deal. (Why do you think Guilt Groupe has so many spin offs? Why else do people hit the malls at 5 AM on Black Friday?!)

Her wishlist tallied up to $22,685.00. Pretty nice set up for one season!

Since that is slightly over most women’s budgets, here are a few tips to help you decide on which pairs will make your cut:

1. Try them on before buying or get them from an online retailer with free returns. Some of this season’s shoes are beautiful to look at and they’ll make you swoon! But those lace up ankle boots, for example, have the tendency to dominate your feet. To avoid the risk of looking like a robot/lumberjack/hooker, try before you buy.
2. Test out the pair on a hard surface. I hate to sound like a shoe salesperson here, but strutting around on carpet is not giving you a realistic perspective. (Unless you walk on clouds.)

3. Make sure to have something comfortable AND something sassy/fun. Even if your daily routine relies solely via car, it’s best to have a flat boot or wedge to hit the payment in and then a heeled, bells & whistles shoe, to wear when not commuting.

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