Men in Milan: Street Style

Check out these snapshots of well dressed men roaming about Milan during Fashion Week.

A couple points I particularly like and encourage American men to do the same:

While I love a good sloppy yet sophisticated rolled pant leg, a perfectly fitted blazer and the charm of a well dressed older man on a Vespa, it’s the pocket squares that really stuck out amongst these action shots.

I hear from guys all the time asking how to set themselves apart in a sea of dress shirts + jeans + blazers. Sure you can sport a pair of cords, stock up on cardigans or invest in new lace ups, but my go-to answer lately has been: pocket squares.

Let’s get rid of the of the stuffy feeling sometimes associated with this accessory. What if… instead of a tie, you wore a neatly folded pocket square? You’re not pretending to be a big timer, you are one.

Also, it’s a nice way to add some ‘pop’ to your look, especially if you are the kind of guy that likes to play it safe and tends to stick with solid colored shirts. Conversely, if you’re a riskier fella, then tucking one of these into your pocket allows you to experiment with additional patterns and colors.

And don’t stress out about how to fold it. Don’t take yourself too seriously and try to do the peaks or the fluff (that isn’t a technical term :)). Instead, fold it in half and keep folding it into squares, then place in so that the pattern you want showing is visible.

Reversible tie??

The end.

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