Where To Buy Activewear & My Puma Jacket Won’t Die

If you’ve ever stepped inside a Lululemon store, you will understand how one becomes a yogi. The vibe of each shop is engrossing. I walked in to get a new mat and the next thing you know, I’m signing up for a trapeze class. What? The company culture there is just so fun. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of a free yoga class every week?

If you are an avid outdoor athlete, now is the time to stock up on your winter gear. By that I mean, a jacket that gives you mobility, pants that keep you warm and shoes you won’t bite it in.

When Under Armor first came into the market, they dominated the under-your-clothes breathability apparel need. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts’ lives were changed. Instead of layering a thick wool sweater over a cotton long sleeved shirt over an old AYSO T-shirt, all you simply need to wear is a thin moisture-wicking shirt.

(That is what my brother and I would wear before hitting the slopes. And this was before the fleece jacket…and the ski coat and accessories. When all was said and done, you could hardly bend your elbows!)

Having owned and sold a plethora of activewear from high to low, here is where I suggest you buy:

High stores:
Patagonia, Lululemon

Low stores:
Target (C9 by Champion- moisture wicking tops)
Nike & New Balance at discount stores and outlets (Nordstrom Rack, Loehmann’s, Marshalls)


Patagonia is top of the line. Several years ago, I toured their headquarters in Ventura, CA. (They took us surfing after—such a cool company). Not only do they rigorously test their materials, they have an Ironclad Guarantee. That’s nuts.

One time I had my zipper break (open) as I was coming down the run —terrible timing. I went into the store and picked out a new jacket, no problem.

Nike & New Balance: From jackets and track pants to shoes, these brands are fantastic as well. Their clothes will last and won’t look outdated anytime soon. Sure pant lengths and ‘tightness’ levels change every few years, but a capri pant will always be better for bike riding and a long pant, the option for cold weather activities.

(For an example of longevity, please see the below picture.) Friends of mine from high school, who am I kidding, I wore this in college too, will recognize my mom’s lovely Puma track suit from…wait for it…1979. I should write Puma and see if this is their longest standing piece of clothing ever recorded. Do I wear this now? Not really. Am I getting rid of it? Nope. As soon as the influx of royal blue and pink comes ‘back,’ this little layer will be coveted. Ha.

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  1. Renae says:

    I think the pink and blue can be considered ‘in’ if you tell everyone it’s vintage! I got rid of all of my t-shirts a long time ago – somehow I seem to run faster when I know my workout gear rocks as much as my stride. 🙂

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