A Mess of Pictures

In an effort to have a fresh start for the new year, I’ve been combing through all my digital nonsense—specifically speaking, the pictures on my phone and the chaos on my desktop. Here are some of the shots that didn’t initially make it to the public…sort of an outtake of the blog.

A different kind of home for your pup @ Scout!

Formal (?) dresses that walk the line between ghetto and Disney princess-like.

This season’s minimalist look: use a big & bold necklace on a blank canvas like this,

not a long chain with sweats like this…

Celebrating Movember (He kind of has to though, right? Otherwise people will know he’s 12.) Kidding :

I believe the initial intent was to show how much I disliked the drawstring, cropped sweat pant with heels trend that had a moment this fall.

A dress and purse shaped toe ring? If they have a chance at selling, Myrtle Beach is the place.

The line for the iPad debut.

Crate & Barrel glasses—make me feel like I’m on a beach in Mexico!

One of my fav buildings on Abbot Kinney

Another example of the Peter Pan syndrome in Manhattan Beach, CA. (That, or a poor attempt at pattern mixing.)

Darling magazine racks @ Before & After Interiors.

Interesting display of photos…too bad the shop went out of business.

A water bottle for each of your house guests

Flat-ironed dreadlocks for your pet in Denver…??

P.S. The battle was long and hard (not really) but in the end, I did not win the Sunglass Hut contest. Ah well. Thanks again for voting; I really appreciate it!

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  1. Entertaining pictures! The drawstring sweatpants are fine for staying home with the kids, right??? =) I don’t even think I own a pair of heels, so hopefully I’m not in danger of breaking that rule! Love the big necklace on the simple shirt, by the way. I’ll have to add one of those to my Christmas list!

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