Fashion Soup: Celebrity Designers

This is a new category for 2011. Being frequently asked where to get X (the best shoes for wide feet, jeans for a long rise, cocktail dresses that you won’t see your twin in, and so on), Fashion Soup is going to be a healthy edit of all the information coming my way. I’m combing through the personal style frenzy, because you don’t have time to, but you still want to look good. (Plus, I like doing it.)

First up: You are familiar with celebrity product placement. (How else would US Weekly still be in business?) A brand comes out with a new (skinny cargo) pant and Jessica Alba among other A-listers are bopping around Whole Foods in them, with their adorable children in tow.

Many of these women, have added designer to their resumes. While I do take issue with people that don’t sketch or sew, being called designers, many of the celebrities who have launched fashion lines, have cranked out beautifully, well-made and sometimes even, well-priced pieces. The ladies below are putting their names on some fantastic collections!

Kate Bosworth: Don’t hold Blue Crush against her. The idea of JewelMint is personable, hassle free and very inexpensive. After taking the Style Quiz, which is basically just selecting pictures out of a ‘which do you like best’ format, you are shown a selection of jewelry. For $30/month you can receive one piece of jewelry each month. The part I enjoy the most is that there are several looks to choose from: Edgy, mixed with Romantic, Bohemian with Classic.

Victoria Beckham: If you loved her sleek dress collection, you will most certainly love her bag collection. She said it was based on a 24 hour period in her life—bags that work for a typical day of meetings, socializing…and taking Romeo to breakdance class (?). (Oh yes, we chatted about this on the tele. No, but she did describe the concept over the phone, to net-a-porter.) During the 20 second audio, I realized that Posh and I are so alike…I mean, I carry lip gloss in my bag too! 🙂

Sarah Jessica Parker: As Creative Director for Halston Heritage she’s bringing mucho press to the line, and well-deserved too. The pieces are simple, but not in a dull way. These are the kind of dresses that statement jewelry was made to be paired with!

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