Beat The Winter Blahs With Hair Accessories

January is like retail’s hangover. With so much frenzy happening in November and December, the shops are typically left with slim pickings. Sure there are sales, but it’s tough to find what you like in the size you need. All the new items are these ‘almost spring’ pieces that that seem to be an excuse for those that just really want to go shopping. If however, you aren’t hung over (I have gift cards! Let’s use ‘em!), try avoiding the less than ideal merchandise and look to hair accessories.

Adding a clip here, a headband there can do wonders for boosting your mood and giving your ensemble that extra pop of personality. By adding a dose of color, sparkle or texture to a basic outfit (t-shirt & jeans) you can combat the winter blahs…which will be here for the next couple of months.

Contrary to my post about getting over cheap stores, these shops are great places to search for hair accessories. As with any experimenting, there’s no need to splurge. Instead of calculating the usual ‘cost per wear’ as you would do before buying clothes, think about the level of upset-ness (made up word) you would be if that item broke. Since you can wear accessories all the time, you will definitely get your money’s worth—no doubt. But if it broke, after wearing it twice, how mad would you be that you spent X amount on it?

For hair accessories, try Urban Outfitters, H&M, F21, Anthropologie, Asos and Etsy. (The latter if you’re up for some serious searching.)

Lastly, for some how-to humor,  see the video. She seems like a nice girl…but well, there’s a lot of distractions to get past here (the blazing fire, the weird background music and the constant questioning in my head, ‘wait-was she on the Girls Next Door?’) If you have time, stick it out ’till you watch her do the up-do corn rolls…

Photo: refinery 29 (except the ones of me on NYE :))

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  1. Renae Virata says:

    I am sooo rocking the hair accessory now! I seem to have a steady collection, and now that my hair has grown out from its bob, I have no excuse to not use them. Thanks for the inspiration – and you looked FABULOUS on NYE!

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