My New Hairdo: Feather Hair Extensions

I recently became interested in feathered hair extensions and so, got a set placed in yesterday.

A few thoughts to mention:

I don’t do my hair. I hope that doesn’t sound caveman-like nor elitist. I’m just not very good at experimenting nor do I want to spend the time doing so; I’m more into my clothes. I have, however, been toying with the idea of getting some color put under my hair. I’m craving a pop of color, and that terrible carmel highlight phase from high school (Did you go through that too?) has kept me away from starting the highlighting cycle again. I do however, applaud all those women that can pull off several different hair colors (Rihanna!).

Thus reason #1: I can have it taken out whenever I like, it adds a little something, and feathers are different than your basic extension.

When mentioning this idea to friends, I got all kinds of negative feedback—but that’s what friends are for (to remind you of when you are being a jackass). I assured them that I wasn’t going to turn out looking like Dog the Bounty Hunter, Steven Tyler or a little girl recently back from a family trip to Barbados (colorful beaded corn-rolls, anyone?).

So, I headed to Glitz Salon. Apparently these strips of feathers are in very high demand because when I had called in the morning they were sold out and then had received a new shipment hours later–my lucky day.

There’s a rainbow assortment to choose from, but I decided to stay somewhat natural looking—no lime green birds for me.

That night, my father informed me that I had ‘Mexican Chickens’ in my head. Thanks, Dad. He’s a major fly-fisherman so the guy knows his feathers! As he inspected my new addition, he casually said, ‘Oh yeah, those are Jungle Cock.’ I’m sorry, what? I must have the maturity of a fourth-grader—that’s funny to other people too, right?

Anywho, most of the pictures taken looked like a ferret was hiding in my head. Ha. But hopefully these will give a general idea. And who knows, maybe tomorrow I will be sick of them, but that’s the beauty of it—nbd.

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