Pictures from the Preakness

As a last minute addition to my D.C. trip, I somehow managed to get into the Grandstand an hour before the Preakness. Unlike my past experience of being in the Infield, the stands have a different vibe.

Brief aside: I went to the Kentucky Derby once in college. My roommates and I had met a group of guys on spring break our freshman year. Conveniently, there were 4 of them and 4 of us; ironically, 3 couples were formed. (I was the one flying solo—don’t feel bad, I was happily entertained by playing cards with the funny 4th friend.) The guys were from KY and so, a trip to the Derby followed. (Is this the epitome of wingman or what? Or maybe I’m just always up for a something new?)

For those who haven’t experienced a horse race, the Infield is a gong show. Booze everywhere, clothes hardly anywhere and massive amounts of people…oh and horses are running around you. Sounds lovely, right? It’s where the college kids, partiers, people on a budget and hillbillies watch the race.

In contrast, the Grandstand is full of shift dresses and huge hats with enormous feathers, flowers and bows—the Southern bells.

I snapped up a few pics of the most entertaining people. Here you go.


Yes, it's matchy-matchy, but it works!

Aw, preppy kids! The guy in the hat looks like someone from a show that I can't remember...



Preakness hats

More hats!


Pants with ponies

Hats, yes. Sombreros, no.

matching seersucker sucker suits + florescence sneakers

And for fun: a picture of a picture from the KY Derby. We were 19. And I believe had just gotten spilled on by one too many juleps!



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