Edited Pictures From Vegas


I was in Las Vegas last week for J.Hilburn meetings. We launched suits, sport coats, light weight sweaters, tees, ties, custom belts, outwear (vests) and a partnership with AG jeans. Exciting stuff! We also added on to our core (more custom shirting fabrics and cuff link styles). Oh boy, American men are going to be looking better than ever!

I stayed at The Cosmopolitan; have you been? Probably not. It opened in January.

Below are a variety of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Have an awesome weekend people!

Lobby of The Cosmopolitan: The images on these pillars change. (shown here: light bulbs)


See & now the display changed to look like a library!

One of the many reasons why I think this hotel was designed by a man.

Look closely. This bathroom wallpaper is actually naked women. The walls in all the rooms had hidden pictures-sort of cool-sort of tripped me & my roommates out.

The new face of J.Hilburn (yum-o!)

The debut of personalized suits!

Sterling Silver dipped in Rhodium cufflinks: Subtle, classic or w. pops of color

Examples of how to coordinate our shirts & ties

White contrasting collar shirt-no longer the 'banker' look! Try it.

The Chandelier Bar: as sexy as it looks

The All Saints shop. entire window display stacked w. old sewing machines

Leather dress-very Vegas! (although not very dance friendly)

Marquee: apparently the largest club in North America. The mermaids in the pool were a nice touch (sort of wanted to be one?) quickly got bored of the techno they played.

Young the Giant playing on top of a bar

Art-o-Mat: have you seen these before? A vending machine full of independent artists from across the U.S. It's like Etsy in a machine...& for $5 a pop!

AND the icing on the cake! My filthy headrest on Spirit Air. Have you ever felt that if you wear your hair down...it will somehow 'protect' your head from getting dirty?

Should mention—if  you like any of these sharp clothes, go to www.JHilburn.com to set up a time to get measured for your new custom digs. Or email me: lena.piskorowski@jhilburnpartner.com and I’ll do it for you. Bam!

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