Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Last week I was an extra in a movie being filmed locally. Production was very strict about us not mentioning anything about the movie, so I can’t say much. (However, an hour into being on set someone tweeted about how hot the lead actor was and how she couldn’t wait to hook up with him. Ha. Oh and you know everyone was trying to figure out who she was.)

Anyway, before I do anything, it has to fill one of these criteria: fun, funny or an interesting experience. I like the actors in this and am usually up for a good romantic comedy, so there you go—I thought it would be all three.

Little did I know what I was getting into…Aside from pretending it was winter and having to wear wool coats during a heat advisory, I found myself thinking, ‘this is just like flying Spirit [Airlines] or walking my parents’ dog.’ As soon as I’m done, I usually say, ‘that was miserable! I am NEVER doing that again!’

Within 16 hours you learn a lot about total strangers. When we weren’t pretending, I’m sorry, I mean, ‘acting’ that we were on a blind date at the bar, I was thoroughly entertained by the extras I was penned up with. You eloped in a random black magic church? How many dead bodies did they find on the set of your last movie?! Your cat has a Facebook page? Ok…The last time I found myself in a similar situation (sleeping in a weird place, in clothes that weren’t mine, with people I did not know) was while backing through Europe in college.

The scene was set in a townie bar in Michigan. The guy extras complained for being put in flannel, saying that production had a skewed vision of the Midwest.

It reminded me of when I first moved to L.A. Damn near everyone I met had this braided pigtail country girl picture of girls that live ‘in the middle.’ I was really confused by that and now, that I’m back in the home state, I think it’s funny that locals are annoyed by how others see us.

Shameless tie in to my book, but that’s a large part about what I write about: a cross-country dress code—what people wear in different parts of the U.S. and how to blend in or stand out, whichever you choose.

Traveling or living in a new place can be intimidating. You want to be prepared.

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