You Dirty Girl!

In a conversation with my brother, he brought up how messy girls can be. Using ex-girlfriends for reference, he pointed out how ridiculous we are, specifically with our ‘3 piles of dirty [clothes]’—dirty but can wear again, dirty but can wear around the house, filthy and needs to be washed.

I’m somewhat of a neat freak, but I realized I too use this system. My brother’s observation was funny, admittedly sad and very true. While I still think we dominate as the cleaner sex, here is my reasoning for each pile; see if you feel me on this one!

1. Dirty but can wear again.

‘Hey, I wore this to lunch only!’ We girls do tend to unknowingly put an ‘hour’ minimum on something before it qualifies to be washed. (Note: if you have to use a laundry mat to wash your clothes, the minimum is upped.)

2. Dirty but can wear around the house.

‘I’m sorry, do my sweatpants need to be freshly pressed?!’ Contradicting the above hour requirement, somehow 8 hours of sleeping doesn’t seem to ‘count’!

3. Filthy and needs to be washed.

Anything that’s been sweated in, spilled on, touched an airplane seat, smells like Mexican food or has been worn multiple times in the above numbers 1 & 2.

So yes, he’s right. We’re somewhat dirty. But, I would like to point out a few statements I’ve heard guys say…and disagree with them.

* Just because you dry clean everything does not mean you are cleaner or neater!

* A few strands of our hair in the bathroom is waaaay less gross than your trails of facial hair (from shaving) around the sink.

* We may use ‘3 piles of dirty’ but at least we wash (& use) our sheets!

P.S. Check out my commentary on Sunday’s U2 concert with Florence and the Machine:

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Stage at U2 concert Spartan Stadium



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2 Responses to You Dirty Girl!

  1. Renae Virata says:

    Hi, Lena! I love getting your newsletter. I had to comment on this one. I totally agree with your hilarious and spot-on comments on our “dirty” piles. I am guilty of such and never thought about it as a “girl” thing. The back of my desk chair is usually where I place my “wear ’em again” items while the corner of my bed seems to harbor the number two pile. And, sorry, guys, if we smell better and sweat less… Good stuff!

  2. Lena says:

    Renae, do we live in the same house?? My piles are in the same location!

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