DIY Barn Wedding

Last weekend I was ‘up north’ (Charlevoix, MI) at a wedding…on a lake, then in a barn. There’s a lot of topics to pull from here: what to wear in such an environment (type of shoes, does outdoor automatically mean informal, what to pack—hello, bug spray!) but right now I just want to highlight some of the adorable DIY accents that tied into the reception.

Yes, it’s the couple’s day—that’s very P.C. to say though. Let’s be honest, it’s about the bride. When you walk into the reception, you should be able to say, ‘Oh, this is so (insert name of bride)!’ It may not fit with your taste, but most brides strive for a theme.

The couple that was married last weekend is very ‘outdoorsy.’ They live in Salt Lake City and seem to always be hiking, biking or skiing some sort of mountain. The bride has a laid back/vintage flair, which was seen in the ring, the dress and the 1920s band that played.

I believe that, at times, the term DIY can get a bad rap. DIY (do-it-yourself) doesn’t mean you are poor, like to knit creepy things then sell them on Etsy nor enjoy putting your bridesmaids to work—wait, ok, sometimes it does mean all that, but not always.

This may be a very old school way of thinking, but if you want something done a specific way, then why not do it yourself? A friend of mine styles creative displays for weddings and while she amazes me with the themes she draws up, so many brides come to her armed with an exact vision. People aren’t more creative than they used to be; there are so many more resources now from which to draw inspiration.

I’m writing captions under each picture. Read them if you choose.

craft beer in a canoe–groom's influence

Sure, let's just tie some ribbon on a branch. Easy to spot, easy to set up.

Um, what?


the barn


the bride, in a corn field


I specifically took this pic to show that she had a flower from her belt taken off and used as a hair accessory. ALSO, this dress originally was a strapless, sweatheart neckline. She had it turned into a v-neck, with straps...& the back was a circle...which I don't have a photo of-knew I forgot something!


Aww, look at the cute mismatched bar stools that 'come w. the place.'


Does anyone else think this is cute? I mean, if you brought it in, no. If it's already up on the wall, yes.


I don't remember the whole story, but there was some sort of flower dilemma—like hundreds didn't arrive. Nice improvising!

chocolate covered Michigan cherries—a staple in the area. The bag reads: 'and they lived happily ever after.' The only people who weren't happy, the bridesmaids who were stamping these the night before! Kidding, they looked like they were having fun.

private labeling vino "It is better to travel well, than to arrive." my motto?

thumb print wedding tree: it starts off bare and then guests put their thumb print & name on it. A nice change for a guest book.




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