My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Have you seen this show? It’s on TLC. I recently watched it for the first time. At the commercial break, I looked at my friend and said, “I just realized I had my mouth open this whole time.” It is ridiculous.

When I hear the word ‘gypsy’ I picture a woman at the Colosseum in Rome holding a crying baby while her other children run around…and try to steal whatever is in my pockets. Ha. These gypsies are different. They refer to themselves as ‘Travellers,’ have strong Irish accents and their wedding dresses…whoa. In the episode I saw, the bride couldn’t fit down the aisle; her dress was too wide. I feel like some of the sentiment is lost when you are fighting to get to the alter, no?

While I found their dresses to be completely tacky, (Glued on applique? 30’ trains? Enormous crowns?) these girls definitely got what they wanted—and isn’t that how most cultures view the big day? Make that bride happy!


Last week I met a girl who told me she had two wedding dresses, not intentionally. She bought one and while she was waiting for it to come in, found a different dress. Most stores are ‘final sale’ leaving brides in this situation, stuck. I know some of you reading this are in the market for a wedding dress. Take a look at this one and read the description. I mean, for God’s sakes, it’s never even been tried on!

P.S. It’s an A-line cut—the universally flattering style. I especially like the diamonds on the back of the train. If you are interested, please contact Brandi directly:

P.P.S. I have nothing to gain from showing this dress, other than helping out two future brides-to-be!

Description: “Mon Cheri 18255s. Ivory, more of an off-white. Brand New with tags. Shipped to the store and never even tried on. Still sitting in a bag at the store. No alterations done. Strapless, empire waist, goddess style. Beading on top of bust, below bust, and 2 diamonds on the back down the train. Light weight. Comfortable. Paid $1,500. Final Sale. Will ship anywhere in US, Canada, US Territories. Accept pay pal. Will take other offers. Bust 36, Waist 28, Hips 42, Height 6′ 0”.

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3 Responses to My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

  1. Stella says:

    great dress!

  2. Amanda says:

    I want a big green gypsy dress for my wedding ??? Where can I get one???

  3. mary says:

    Looking for a nice big dress for my wedding where can I find one.. Ireland

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