7 Things I Learned from the People StyleWatch Event

We have now finished our second week of the People StyleWatch Celebrity Stylist Event. We launched the program last March (in 6 cities) giving one-on-one style advice through individual consultations. (All complimentary to the public—THANK YOU to our sponsors for this!) I am running the Detroit market. After having spent a significant amount of time at Twelve Oaks, here are a few things I’ve recently learned.

1. Popping your collar is no longer for preppy polo wearing high schoolers. Add length to a short neck or interest to your jacket. Such a small change, yet it makes a better difference.

sporting the Glamour Shots pose

2. 100 dogs a month are adopted from Petland. I know! I was surprised too. And happy to hear each one gets taken home.

3. If you have a lightweight material dress, try wearing it as a top under a skirt—extend the life of your purchases (and prevent you from being bored with your clothes).

4. The Kardashians launched a clothing line at Sears last week. Everything is spelled with a “K”—shocker! There’s lots of leopard…pieces are about $100. I overheard people being pissed about that. I wonder how the line will do.

5. Where would teenagers go if malls did not exist? School has been in session for one week; why do all girls already have their homecoming dresses?

6. I am pleasantly surprised by GAP’s overhaul on their designs, really. I am using quite a few of their styles inside our Denim Bar. The material is amazing! (And by that I mean, super soft and doesn’t loose its elasticity—you can wear something a few times and it doesn’t become loose/sag.) I’ve been wearing their wide-legged 1969 jeans. They are high-waisted, mega flare, and have a center seam (that makes it look more expensive). Recommend.

I also like their olive green riding pants. Suede patches on the inside of your legs? Sounds frightening, right? I was surprised at how versatile they can be (worn with heels, flat boots and so on).

7. A strong looking necklace can wake up a basic sweater & corduroy combo.

If you want to know how to wear…anything! (yes, specifically for your body & your lifestyle), then get thyself to one of our locations. Only two more weekends in September left!

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