Real Funny Fashion Music Videos

There’s a lot going on now fashion-wise, due to New York Fashion Week—(whether you’re in NYC or just following along cyberly—made up word,obviously). It’s easy to feel like it’s all just too much to digest & keep up with. That’s why, I find it particularly refreshing to see fashion not take itself so seriously sometimes. Enter these two videos.

One, is for the Lanvin Fall 2011 campaign, brought to my attention by Nick of The Menswear Journal. The gangly awkwardness of these models is hilarious. I’m sure (I hope) they intended to do so. Although, you can totally tell that one is trying way harder than the other. 5-6-7-8!

The second is a music video of my friend Vito Polizzi’s newest release, Dry Clean Only. Listen to the words people; he’s a clever one!

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  1. Nick Romano says:

    Didn’t see the second one. It’s awesome!

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