Models Without Retouching

I am working on a project for a Canadian TV show. Even though I only live about 45 minutes from Ontario, I am not very familiar with all their apparel brands. I recently discovered JACOB. The interesting thing about this company is that they are the first (Canadian) fashion retailer to “no longer digitally alter the body shape of its models.” JACOB feels that retouching has become “excessive” in the fashion industry. By stopping, they hope to promote a realistic image of the female body.

Can you tell the difference in the photos? (Well of course you can.)


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  1. Renae Virata says:

    WOW…seeing those pictures side by side makes me feel SO much better about what I am seeing in mags. We’ve known for years that retailers have been retouching ad photos, but sometimes you forget when you’re perusing a magazine and admiring the models. Go, Jacob! I’ve been a fan for years, and here’s another reason why!

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