Lessons from the Style Classroom

Each January, I attempt to do a major cleanse of work files. This year, I found myself stumbling upon binders from my Personal Stylist certification classes and thought its contents might be really helpful to people. It’s one thing to say that a certain cut of top will work for you, but being able to identify with a visual is usually easier.

Even though these magazine tears are several years old, the descriptions of WHY these styles of clothing work will ALWAYS be true.

(Also, try to ignore that fact that when I am note taking, I write really fast and tend to forget how to spell. ha.)

A peek into my old class assignments. Thanks Carla—your lessons are invaluable!

Not ideal for an inverted triangle because the shirt broadens the already broad top. Instead you want to add volume to the hips to create balance.

Widens the visual appearance of the shoulders/chest

Narrows the (visual) frame of the shoulders

If the neck is long, you have the space for a high collar.

Volume on sleeves helps


totally spelled epaulet wrong


How terrible are these jeans by the way?


The "like girls jeans" note is referring to how women need several pairs of jeans: some to wear w. flats, heels, tuck into boots, cropped etc



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  1. Renae Virata says:

    This is too cute, Lena! These look like they could make a really cute mag spread. Great tips – and so artfully shared.

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