Local Love: Jewelry in Los Angeles

Hi there!

Lots of changes and new beginnings happening: I moved! I have a new office too! (I didn’t love painting it!) I’ve been teaching a class every weekend! I’ve started a new collaboration with a very cool brand…details and perks for you, soon to be released!

Re: the training classes, we’ve been adding to our team at J.Hilburn, and bringing on a bunch of talented/entrepreneurial minded individuals to handle the rapid increase in customers nationwide (thanks Esquire!). Because of this, I’ve gotten to experience (non-wildly exotic) places like Pittsburg and Charlotte…you know, cities that I might not have made it to otherwise.

Since I always like to mix business with pleasure, I’ve been scoping out the local scenes and seeing what their independent shops have to offer—sort of like what a foodie would do while visiting a new area.

Today, I’m going to highlight my old stomping grounds, a true favorite spot of mine for independent businesses: Abbott Kinney (blvd) in Venice (CA).


I stumbled upon Made in Earth—can’t remember what shop it replaced, but it seems to fit in nicely. If you’ve ever been to a gem & jewelry show, then you’ll appreciate how these skilled artisans create jewelry out of raw materials.

The concept behind MIE is summed up by their tagline, Nature Creates, We Enhance… They use amazing gems and stones, some of which look like they were just yanked out of the ground. (I mean that in a good way.) Superman’s kryptonite also came to mind…


You can also have their in-house design team develop a work of art specifically for you! (I’m always a sucker for custom…)

I am so intrigued by this:


It’s earthy and (literally) has an edge to it. I can picture it being worn alone (standout!) or mixed in with other accessories. The only ‘minus’ I felt here was that some of their pieces were just way too large of scale for me. I like accessories that allow me to get through the day…some of these seemed a bit ‘stand there and pose’ versus ‘look at my fun new accessory that compliments my clothes and I can actually wear longer than 10 minutes!’

* Made In Earth is expecting to have their online store up soon. In the meantime, gather up any info and send your jewelry requests here or check out their Venice gallery.

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