“In the not too distant future”

I just watched The Hunger Games…AMAZING!

It was one of those rare moments when as soon as the movie ended, I wanted to watch it again. Before saying too much more, I want to address the fashion of the “not too distant future.”

The wardrobe, hair & makeup teams definitely had to be working hard to dress this cast and crew. The big hair! The pursed lips! The eyes! How fun (and tricky) to create this elaborate futuristic society, while also outfitting the rural ‘districts.’

Will we really be looking similar to this?


While I’m not sold on our future show hosts donning blue hair, it doesn’t seem far-fetched for volume (in clothes, hair or accessories) to be the norm. And take a look at these shoes…oooh!

Photos: capitolcouture.pn

As for color, this season you can rock as little or as much neon as you want, so why wouldn’t it come back in style, in say a few thousand years?! (Maybe not match to your dog though…)

The film has been out for two days now and already you can find: product lines developed around the theme, blogger recommendations on how to re-create the make-up and editors playing dress up with the cast (using runway looks)!

Photo: fashionista.com

(Not loving this YSL combo in the middle for Peeta. Even though while watching I did find myself saying (a few times) ‘He is just SO good looking.’

P.S. For those of you that love experimenting with nail color, check out China Glaze’s Capitol Colour collection.

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  1. it cool. and i love it

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