Adorable Spring Jacket for the Rain

I just checked the weather and the next 10 days look to be full of sunshine. So I find it completely appropriate to then write about rain coats. ha. Basically, I just want to share an adorable rain coat that I recently found. Also, it never hurts to be proactive. Why not have your rainy day attire ready to go? (instead of being the one in the flared jeans and flats—sopping wet)

How great is this Lauren Moffatt rain coat? The subtle yet bold, color blocked angled pockets with gold snaps, the 3/4 length sleeves that allow you to show off your shirt or bracelets/watch (and remember, 3/4″ sleeves make a person look taller) and that fun geometrical pattern peeking through the inside hood—too cute!

Lauren Moffatt Spring 2012 jacket

(Please forgive the creepy self-taken mirror pic. While I became buddies with the shop’s manager, I would have felt like a total donkey asking her to take my photo. So there you go.)

I discovered this jacket while in St.Louis. The little shop, Ivy Hill, located in the ‘Central West End’ is right in the mix of all the best restaurants and independent shops. When I check out a new boutique, I like to be impressed not only by the selection of merch, but also by how well they display their pieces. I have friends who have made careers out of visual merchandizing and I believe it to be a real talent. Throw something on a table and it doesn’t look as nice as say, if it were hung on a hook…connected to a large key…for example. 🙂


Interesting. This looks like a deer antler, but it’s not.

Dog tags do nothing for me, but this display is so clean and easy to grab.

Not mind-blowingly creative—but how cheery! Frame your favorite quote and then hang everyday necklaces from it.

This ‘letter’ theme has been popular for a few years now, ever since YSL came out with their wallets (love!). I haven’t seen this printed/debossed/sewn on something I didn’t like yet.

Panther ring-rah! Sort of makes me feel like I’m wearing a (poor man’s version) of a Cartier ring! (Note to self: get manicure so that I am prepared the next time I snap away at jewelry I like, then later decide to post for the world. ha. Is my finger crooked? Weird…



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  1. Stella says:

    Love the jacket!

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