My Save-the-Date Picture, Painted Over

I am getting married this summer, on an exotic island…in Detroit.

For the out-of-towners reading this, it’s called Belle Isle. Back in it’s hay day Belle Isle sounded like an amazing spot: a casino, a zoo, a museum, a conservatory, a yacht club, (the country’s oldest) aquarium, a golf course, a water park, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, running tracks…I’ll stop there…all designed by famous architects and squeezed into a 5 mile island. Sounds incredibly fun, right?

Many of Detroit’s historic masterpieces lost some of their beauty due to the riots of the 1960s; most never fully bounced back. Just like my water post, this too makes me angry. (Is this blog starting to sound like an angry teenager’s diary? ha.) What the city of Detroit did not lose, and actually has gained more of, is character and creative peoples.


Photo: November 2011 issue of W Magazine

In any publication you read that talks about the necessities of a thriving city, creativity & the arts are on that list. Now in relating this to clothes/your personal style, having visible creativity present is also crucial. In order to know what you like, you have to be inspired. When people say they don’t care what kind of clothes they buy or what they wear, they’re really saying that they’re not inspired. This is also why lots of people buy while they are traveling or on vacation. You have the time to stroll, wander and pick up pieces you don’t want to go home without.

Over the past couple weekends I’ve gone to Belle Isle and I’ve noticed the famous(?) Enjoy Detroit mural is gone. It was painted on the side of an old (no longer in business) car wash. You know when you have to do a double-take because you think that maybe you just ‘missed it’ while driving? Upon reading this, I learned that yes, the vintage style Enjoy Detroit sign has been painted over. Speculation leads to believe that it is in preparation to ‘clean up’ the surrounding area of Belle Isle for next weekend’s Grand Prix.


Photo By: Bealebo via Flickr


If you were able to snap a shot of this, hold on to it. If you bought one of the stretched canvas prints of it, maybe sell it?! If you…like me, 9 months ago staged a picture there with the intention that it would be used for your Save-the-Dates, only to actually end up not even doing a save-the-date, then maybe frame it? Or at least show your mom that picture.

Mom: this is the picture Mike & I took—thinking it would be a cute Save-the-Date. Ah well 🙂


A big THANK YOU to Mioara for snapping these pics!

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4 Responses to My Save-the-Date Picture, Painted Over

  1. Stella says:

    Detroit has been beat up by the past few decades! But as the saying goes, “What does not kill you makes you stronger!” A new vitality is in the air! Great post! They should make a billboard of your photo!

    • Lena says:

      ha! We were going for the whole contrast thing—decked out (in fur) & having a good time… with a shabby background. 🙂

  2. Paulette Reina says:

    Great Idea, would love to see Detroit come back, Downtown was a wonderful place.

  3. Kara says:

    Lena, love the blog. And LOVE those pictures of you two!! You should seriously submit those photos to a Michigan or Detroit based mag. Too cool.

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