Your Color Palette & My Miami Bachelorette

This past weekend was my bachelorette party in Miami. Have you ever been to South Beach? It’s all the stereotypes you’ve heard: colorful, loud, full-of-life.

As I started to think about what I would pack, there began a wardrobe battle in my mind. (It went like this: ‘Miami is colorful! You should pack those BRIGHT maxi’s you haven’t worn in years.’ Then, since I’ve been seeing so much neon this season, I started to think I wanted to add a bit of that too.) The truth is, the former doesn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore and the latter does not work for my natural coloring. So what was the result? (An embarrassing last minute purchase, from Target, and only wearing 5% of what was packed in my suitcase. ha)

Horribly cheap looking shoes that I momentarily convinced myself would be a quick fun dose of neon for my Miami trip...which never made the trip, or my closet.

One of those times where the beach clothes...become the night clothes. (No makeup & salt in your hair, cringeworthy at first, then quite comical into the evening.)

Statistically, a person’s style changes every 3-5 years. This doesn’t have to be a self-proclaimed revamp, but more so it’s due to changes in your life. Examples: You move to NYC and find yourself gravitating towards a closet full of black! Or your hair color changes (whether by nature or your hairstylist) and you begin wearing deeper or lighter shades of your favorite colors. Because of wedding planning on my brain, I’ve noticed I’ve been drawn to softer colors in my clothes (which is strange because I don’t like pastels, yet have painted my office mint and am thinking about changing my bridesmaids’ flowers from magenta to blush. Remember when Victoria Beckham came out with her animal illustrated shift dresses? I always thought that stemmed from her expecting a baby. (How else can you explain the transformation from sleek and structured to airy and covered in cats?)


My wedding inspiration is carrying over into my 'real' life; I'm starting to want/buy/wear softer colors

Using the ol’ palettes, you can identify with colors you used to wear and ones in which you find yourself liking more now.

from L to R: Cool, Tinted, Muted, Warm, Shaded, Saturated, Toasted

Example of Cool coloring

What I used to wear...

What I wear now. Still Saturated colors, but less 'rah!' (that is a technical term...)

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2 Responses to Your Color Palette & My Miami Bachelorette

  1. Stella says:

    Great post! As I get older, I buy more color. I said that I buy more color! (In my closet I have great style!) I still have a difficult time wearing something other than black for fear of looking fatter. The boldest move I make is to wear turquoise or coral jewelry.

    • Lena says:

      Little pops of color are the best way to bring in your favorite colors—especially necklaces & earrings as they highlight your face. 🙂

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