Jewelry, Swimsuits & Heels: Wearing Geometric Shapes

We are all inspired by different things. As I stare at my inspiration board, I notice that of late, I have been way into geometric shapes. While some may gobble up floral prints, I am loving anything that has a strong angle. It also doesn’t hurt to be deep in color, bold and shiny. Here are a few pieces that I wouldn’t mind owning.

Photo: InStyle magazine

Photo: Elle magazine, A criss-cross swimsuit with draping jacket- nice play on opposites

You can wear so much with these. Take a look at the heel too...

Your tan lines will be ridiculous, but I think that's what I like about it...

The angles on this dress separate it from being a basic V-neck style

Wear this, instead of your alumni hoodie

I adore the shape of this necklace.


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