My New Favorite Canadian Brand

Not to worry Mackage, you have not been replaced! (as I am STILL pining for your gorgeous black leather jacket)

A Vancouver based boutique, Aritzia, has a new home in Michigan and I couldn’t be more delighted! It’s fixed within Somerset, very close to Madewell. This seems like a winning strategic position as it creates more of a boutique row…which rarely happens in a mall and is craved by so many Metro Detroiters.

What to love about, and expect from the shop:

1. Beautifully curated pieces (Mackage, J.Brand, Rag & Bone #the good stuff)

2. Unique styles from their own line, Wilfred (The kind of clothes that provoke people to ask where you got it.)

3. Currently showing muted palettes and desert hues

4. Super friendly staff (Yes, to be expected of a new shop, though I don’t see this fading with time.)

5. A laid back atmosphere (no one attacking you on the floor or in the dressing room)

6. Flattering tops (see below)

7. Comfortable lightweight blazers—the kind you’ll want especially in the summer, when you’re constantly transitioning from unbearably hot weather to…unbearably cold AC. (or parties that start when it’s warm and cool off towards the evening)

* Aritzia is currently having a sale—if you’re looking for an excuse to go…

Looks much cooler in person- especially in the cropped version. I picture this with ripped up jeans or a maxi skirt.

Available in a bunch of different colors and prints- this shirt will: camouflage a waist, narrow hips and elongate a neck (wonder shirt?)

Gorgeous drap to it!

Where the men sit & wait?

What girl isn't a sucker for adorable packaging?

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