StyleWatch Event: Tips, Recap & Pics for Your Viewing Pleasure

The People StyleWatch magazine event was lots of fun and went by so quickly. Here’s a recap, and a few images:

I wanted to show how to mix sweet with RAH! Also a good visual to illustrate how it’s always flattering to dress in opposites—meaning, if one piece of your outfit is tight, make the other, loose/billowy/airy (instead of tight/form fitting).


The women on Saturday loved this dress! And it’s easy to see why: it’s a playful twist on the high low dress. It’s the same length all around but has that ‘hello there’ slit up the front. This dress will look even more interesting when the wearer is walking in it. The deep V is fantastic for breaking up the space on busty women and the empire waist is flattering on everyone…even pregnant and slightly pregnant women.

This brings me to the next recap, so many ladies gushed that they were pregnant. I wouldn’t have been able to predict otherwise as each was in her first trimester…OR had recently had a baby. Is there something in the water people? ha. What’s comical about the preggers questions is that no one wanted to look pregnant. Many people felt that empire waist tops or maxi dresses made them look pregnant (if they were or not). There was a lot of interest in swimsuit styles—looking for something cute in a one piece style, because as one young mom put it, ‘After you have a kid, you just don’t want to wear two pieces.’ I then confessed that although I am not a mother, I adore so many one piecers out now.

This neon one was a huge hit! Why? It’s diagonal angles are drastically sliming as is the small boning detail on each side. In addition, it has a high thigh cut, which, though sounding like a characteristic of a high school swim team Speedo, has an extremely leg lengthening effect.

On site makeup application compliments of Clinique. I quite like sitting in a director’s chair…

Our Ferragamo sunglass winner! (really wanted to rig that contest… :))

A sleek new design in the world of photo booths. This one, by Onomonomedia, looks like it belongs in an Apple store. Immediately branded photos are generated for your taking home pleasure.

The most important recap here: summer fashion…well, it’s kind of a no brainer. Sure, there’s always an ‘it’ color each year…but even that doesn’t really matter. I’d hate to break the trend watchers bubble–but you really don’t need to get a wardrobe overhaul each summer. This is because…white will always look beautiful; bright colors will be appropriate; flowy dresses, linen pants and scarves versatile enough to wrap around your neck, head and hips will carry you through many summers…until you’ve worn them out! So unless these timeless summer pieces of yours are in need of replacement, make sure you have a swim suit you like and comfortable sandals and you’ll be all set.

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