Swim Suits, Bathing Suits, Board Shorts—Very Cool Styles

How you refer to them depends upon where you grew up. Your location also plays a role in what you consider ‘normal’ attire for: the beach, the lake, the pool, running through the sprinkler… When I’m at any of these scenes (excluding front yard sprinklers), I like to check out what the men are wearing.

One of the major things to think about when purchasing a bathing suit is length. I’ve written about the length of guy’s shorts before, but swim suits deserve a separate category.

What will you be doing? i.e. If you are surfing (and aren’t wearing a wet suit), then you’ll probably want a longer pair of trunks, as climbing back on that board can tear up your skin a bit. (especially if you are paddle boarding in the ocean—ahem, Mike (!)) For longer board shorts, I like these. I like anything ombre—hair, clothes, curtains…

Photo: Piperlime.com

Another thing I like? Rainbows. I’m not talking about the brand of sandals, I mean rainbow patterns. Maybe it’s the lack of decision making that I’m attracted too (you are wearing all the colors ‘of the rainbow’). I just love the look of these:

Photo: Nordstrom.com

Sundek has SO MANY styles at all different lengths; you will find something you like! And most all shorts have their trademark rainbow, shinning across your ass. 🙂

70’s luau





Photo: ShopSundek.com

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