Vegas, Part II Formal Wear at it’s Best

I said I was in Vegas for work, remember? Well here is a sneak peak inside our meeting at what we at J.Hilburn are launching for Fall/Winter (on Sept. 1!). And even better news, the personalized tuxedos are ready for you now! So, ‘oooh and ahhh’ away at the new fabrics and custom possibilities!

plaid shirt + herringbone sport coat...may sound intimidating but works nicely together

You can almost feel the material in this close up!

mixing stripes with paisley

remember we can do 1, 2 or 3 buttons—you choose

and notch, narrow notch or peak lapel...(from our Fall '12 soon to be printed LookBook)

you don't have to always wear your jacket with matching trousers—5 pocket chinos turn it casual

this piece is amazing (looks much better on, i assure you)

or how about making it a 3 piece suit?

or just wearing the vest...

or how about 6 buttons instead of 4? up to you...

blazer mania!


custom tuxedo shirts—several styles, for the traditional to the tastemaker

gorgeous quality lining

black satin self-tied bow tie—just arrived for my fiancé!

did someone say tastemaker?

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