What I Saw in Vegas, Part I

The ‘just for fun’ post with commentaries from the week.

The simplest ingredients can make something delicious when put together correctly. It’s the same with your clothes.


tomato salad @ Milos (inside The Cosmopolitan)

random picture of a light fixture that caught my eye

every girl should experience being draped in a chandelier!

Do you notice how one guy pulls off the cowboy hat at the pool look much better than the other? It has nothing to do with physique, as you can see both men have about the same build. The guy in the grey tank top (Yes, I did just say ‘tank top’ and I don’t promote that.) has better fitting clothes—a shorter top and less baggy shorts. The guy in red, looks patriotic, but not in a good way. His shirt is too long. If you’re going to go all country, then stick with subtle colors and great fit.

(Please excuse the hack quality of these photos. I was in between meetings and have not yet mastered taking someone’s photo 1) w/out them noticing and 2) w/out feeling like a jackass. * Speaking of, one of my favorite comedians, Sebastian Maniscalco, has hilarious tweets in which he takes pics of people doing the most ridiculous things…without them knowing it. He uses #what’swrongwithpeople Check it out! I was laughing (loudly) at the airport (by myself) the other day while scrolling through his feed.

I’m forever inspired by the strip in Las Vegas—how something so grand came from nothing…built in the middle of nowhere.

view from my room

On this trip, I made it a point to check out the Flamingo…thinking it would be reminiscent of Frank Sinatra & the Rat Pack. I was sorely disappointed! It felt as though I was in a scene from National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation.

This is what you do when you want that (super drunk) guy to stop talking to you—take his picture & say you like his style. ha

I have been coming to Las Vegas every year now for the past 8 years, and ‘the fashion’ remains the same. This is probably where the term ‘Vegas dress’ came from. My guy clients every summer tell me they want something new for their ‘boys Vegas trip’ (instead of what you normally see: rolled up dress shirt, untucked—you know the look)—yet the women seem to be perfectly happy wearing the exact same thing as all their friends. It appears to not matter what size or shape you are, the bandage dress is what you’re wearing.

Quick! Think of as many things you can put a bedazzled skull on! And then open up a shop. Only in Vegas!

And then of course, we must do it in lime green.


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