Gifts Fur the Season

(Mike thought of the title. :))

Yesterday, I moved the remainder of my things into our house. You have these kinds of boxes too. They’re the ones that probably haven’t been opened since the day you packed them away in your parents’ storage room. The contents: photo albums, scrapbooks, school projects, notes from friends—that at the time, were ultra important and thus the reason for keeping them all these years. I remember thinking, ‘I’ll throw all this away when I get married’…because in high school, that seemed like the starting point of being in the ‘real world.’ (and thus, having no desire to dig through and reminisce?)

Oh there are some real gems in here! But I love my old friends too much to go public with them. So, I’m showing just this one. It is from a Junior Prom. We did not know the girl in her self-made teddy bear dress; she didn’t go to our school. Her dress was quite imaginative and so, the need for a group picture. Take a look at the tie-in with her date’s boutonniere!

I really just wanted to show that dress. However, at an honest attempt to connect that to a post, let’s talk about fur!

I adore fur. It’s one of the most luxurious textures. You can use it in your home, as a compliment to your outfit, or go real loud and make it dominate your look—just like this burgundy rabbit jacket from Elizabeth & James would.

Here are some other fur pieces I’m wanting at the moment. Do you love fur too? Does someone on your gift giving list? (Do you want to throw paint at this post?)
You feel like a million bucks when you have this on. A high collar, buckles, fur, shearling and leather all rolled into one!
Remember bean bag chairs? Yes—so comfortable.
Look! You too can make a teddy bear dress! Ha.


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  1. Cindy says:

    They must be cousins

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