2 New Shops for Men in Detroit

A veteran in men’s luxury apparel once told me, “Women shop because…they are happy, depressed, stressed, bored, need something to wear, want to reward themselves, have time to kill, it’s something fun to do with friends and so on. Men—they shop out of necessity, period.” If you think about that for a second, I bet you can identify with one, or possibly all of those reasons. And while there are men who truly enjoy window browsing, they are in the minority.

If you ask a guy why he doesn’t enjoy shopping, it usually relates to fighting through crowds of people or the overwhelming (at times, nauseating) feeling of being inside a multilevel mall. But what about boutique shopping?

In Detroit and in its suburbs, stores specifically for men did not exist…until recently. In 2012 a handful of quality independent shops have opened. Stores that could easily be plopped down on Abbot Kinney or Younge Street and fit right in. To out-of-staters reading this, you may be wondering ‘what’s the big deal,’ but to locals, you understand how cool is the introduction of these storefronts.

There are two shops in particular that I want to highlight:

1. Hugh. Their business card says it all.

Hugh Detroit business card

Wait—their website name better reflects the vibe: LOVEHUGHLONGTIME.com I liken it to an upscale Urban Outfitters’ home selection. It’s curated for the sophisticated man that is fun, not stuffy.

These wallets are part silk tie, part leather. Interesante, yes?


2. The Detroit Mercantile Co. I think you have to be a man with scruff to enjoy the items inside. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by raw denim (jeans) from the Detroit Denim Co. and a variety of rugged casual goods by Carhartt. All items are made in the U.S.A. (horray!) There’s also this gorgeous black and rose gold bike to look forward to, by the Detroit Bicycle Company.

This leads to my last point. With so many entrepreneurs and creative minds opening up businesses in the D, it seems like a fantastic time to scoop up that ‘Detroit X’ name. ‘X’ being whatever industry you’re into—Detroit Sofa, Detroit Fitness, Detroit Cookie Inc.—you get the point.

Photo: detroitdenim.us

So…no crowds, no escalators, just good merch to choose from. Check it out.


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