Your Traveling Pants: A Collaboration with Men’s Health

Starting NOW the pant we designed for Men’s Health is available. It’s an exciting collaboration and I’m thankful to be a part of it! Read below &/or see it in the magazine’s September issue.

What is it?

A dress trouser that’s ideal for the guy who travels often—particularly internationally (there’s a concealed pocket for a passport) or who commutes by foot or bike (zipper closures so all your things don’t fall out when you stand up or sit down on a plane, in a cab, as you’re pedaling through streets etc).

It helps to SEE what it looks like. Watch the 1 minute video.

Photo: J.Hilburn

Photo: J.Hilburn

How much is it?

$225. (We’re offering special pricing of $195 through Sept. 30th)

Will it fit me?

Of course. We’ll need to take your measurements if they aren’t already on file. These are hand made for you by our tailors in Portugal, just like all of our made-to-measure J.Hilburn trousers.

What colors can I get?

Grey, Charcoal, Pebble Grey, Navy, Black, Brown and Khaki





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