5 Tips on Choosing the Best Gifts + 2 Ideas

Are you having yourself a merry little Christmas?

In talking with friends, instead of total hysteria and stress, I’m hearing that people are actually enjoying this holiday season—relaxing and relishing in traditions.

At the moment, that’s what I’m doing. It snowed so much today that I’m pretty much on lock down, and I love it. These kinds of days are some of my favorites. It’s as if you have the ultimate excuse to chill out and no one expects much from you, because they are doing the same!

In between SVU re-runs, I’ve been on an online shopping bonanza. (Of course, trying to shop local when I can.) Mike brought to my attention a blurb in Men’s Journal that I really wanted to share…because I found it smart, useful and I do all of the gift giving pieces of advice listed, except for rule #1: Don’t Overthink It.

A quick excerpt from “Don’t Overthink It”

“Research shows that the old adage “It’s the thought that counts” is reliably true only for the person who gives a gift, not the one who receives it. University of Chicago behavioral scientist Nicholas Epley who published the findings, explains: “You know how long you stood in line to get those damn tickets and how hard you tried to pick the right seats—they don’t. Your thoughts aren’t transparent to the receiver. If you give me a mug, what I have to evaluate is the mug, not your thoughts.” The simple take away, Epley says, is to just get people something you know they want. Or use his tactic and get two gifts. “The giver does feel closer to a person whey they’ve put thought into a gift, ” Epley says, “so I give my wife one thing I think she might like and a backup that was number one on her wish list.”

The remaining 4 tips are a quick read. You can do so HERE.

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