David Beckham—in the nude, maybe

It’s almost Super Bowl time. While getting my car fixed today, I sat next to a man who gave great detail on the Super Bowl feast he was preparing—sounded delicious. I will actually be in Denver, hopefully avoiding the craaaazy Broncos fans. (Tina, I’m sorry.)

Below is a campaign H&M is running. Two Super Bowl commercials have been created. It’s up to the public to vote online for the one you want to air: #covered or #uncovered.

Let’s be honest, Beckham is not going to be full frontal, but the cleverness of this campaign made me, of course, watch both. What a cheeky way (no pun intended :)) to promote David Beckham’s underwear collection for H&M…and draw traffic to their site, and viewers on Super Bowl Sunday. (Well, at least a few that wouldn’t watch without the enticement of Becks unclothed!)

Watch both, you know you want to!

David Beckham running and zip lining in his underwear for H&M Super Bowl commercial

David Beckham H&M underwear collection Super Bowl Commercial Photo: h&m.com


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