These colors ‘go’ together.

“I thought I’d look like a bruise,” said a client as I held up a new combo, she’d never thought to wear.

Hmm, yes, bruises are black and blue (until they turn that gnarly green/yellow color) but that’s irrelevant in terms of what colors ‘go’ together in your outfits.

I love black & tan, together. Wearing both, at the same time, must have been something a lot of mothers used to tell their daughters not to do, because I hear that misconception a lot. Black and brown do go together. Often times you’ll find that when you break “the rules” you appear more interesting than ever before. Interesting in a good way—not like, “Oh…interesting.”

A lesson I learned in school, while obtaining my Personal Stylist Certification:

Complimentary colors go together. Think: opposites attract. Or, for the sports fan, think: school colors. Many teams’ logos are complimentary colors.

U of M (blue & gold) or Christmas (red & green)

This also means you can use shades of these hues. So, if red & green ‘work’ so too do magenta and hunter green, or brick red and olive.

color wheel

color wheel

Make sense?

If yes, play around in your closet. It’ll give you something to do—to cure your cabin fever (as it’s literally 10 degrees outside).

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