Cam Newton in your pants

This was the title of an email I wrote to a new client.

It unintentionally sounds sexual! (not professional) Which I thankfully realized right before sending…and therefore erased half of it. Do you write your subject before or after composing an email?

My client had selected this (gorgeous) Blue w/Light Blue Deco plaid fabric to be made into a pair of trousers by J.Hilburn. NFL quarterback Cam Newton recently wore one of our sport coats in this same material. Through experience I’ve learned that all guys like to see a visual when it comes to understanding how pieces ‘go’ together—whether he tries it on himself, or in the case of custom clothing, can see a picture of someone else in it. That’s why I wanted to send this photo; so my client could picture a piece of fabric as a fully made garment.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton wearing a J.Hilburn  blue plaid sport coat at the ESPN ESQUIRE party

photo: J.Hilburn

The title more clearly could have been Cam Newton is wearing the same fabric you picked out, only he got a sport coat made from it, not pants. That doesn’t have as nice a ring to it.

I like how Esquire Fashion Editor Nic Screws paired red, an often intimidating color for a guy to wear, with the low contrast of blue and grey. The Pro Bowl QB is wearing a dress shirt, sweater and blazer, yet he doesn’t look the least bit bulky. Take note: you can do all 3 and not look or feel stuffy. It seems many men think it has to be an either or—sport coat + shirt or sweater + shirt. If you wear a lightweight sweater underneath, there’s room for it all.

So there you go, a few tips on suit layering and an example of Cam Newton in your pants. Ha.


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