The Mexican skier + what you wear to work

I want to talk about Hubertus von Hohenlohe, the slalom skier —Mexico’s only competitor in these Olympics—more specifically, his mariachi-inspired uniform.

Hubertus von Hohenlohe  wearing a mariachi  ski uniform at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

He is 55 years old and had little chance at winning a medal. That doesn’t seem to bother him as he’s also a musician, a photographer…and a (German) prince.

I think this uniform is great! Not only from a design perspective, but also because it very clearly portrays a planned image. von Hohenlohe is obviously creative, up for a good time and wanted to generate some buzz for his birthplace. It worked—NBC named him the “Most Interesting Olympian in the World.”

We can all relate to this. Each time you have a meeting, a date, an interview or pick your kids up from school, every time you get dressed and leave the house, you are deciding the image/mood you want to project.

This month I had fun dressing two of my clients for a media tour. Even though you want to feel like yourself in your clothes, there are different versions of yourself; you tailor your look based on your audience. In their case, it was important to dress more conservatively/family friendly for a show on the Hallmark channel, and more lively/dressed up for Arsenio. You are still the same person, but you are coming across as more relatable to your audience. Another example would be how you dress at work (obviously excluding the scrub-wearers!). Virtually everyone nowadays gets ‘more dressed up’ if he/she will be seeing a client that day. All other days, the office rule is more lax. Then of course, the type of client dictates what you will wear. (If they wear suits, you do too; if they wear jeans, you wear jeans…and a blazer—you get the point.)


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