A jazzy bag made by a U.S. soldier

As I walked into a meeting, this bag caught my eye. Then I learned the story behind it and I liked it even more!

daughter posing with a leather hide cross-body bag with guitar strap made by her father, a former U.S. soldier

photo: Lena Porter

I’m sure a lot of women can relate to the work bag dilemma: you don’t want something so big that you stuff it full, and look like you are struggling to carry it (because you are) but you also need room for all your things. (tablet, notebook, headphones, giant March issue of a fashion magazine, snacks, etc.) For this reason, I particularly like a cross-body bag. (less weight on your shoulder)

handmade leather cross-body bag with guitar strap on display

photo: Cyndee Harrison

Check out its details. The leather used here is so soft and the contrast of the textured hide on the flap gives more interest. And yes, that strap is, a guitar strap. Fun! Even more impressive, this bag wasn’t made by a chic young lady selling her creations via Etsy or Of a Kind. It was handmade by this woman’s father—a man who learned to sew while in the Army. I smile to think that sewing was one of the ‘survival’ skills he learned during his 27 years in service. Now, his daughter can benefit from this useful and unique everyday bag!

Do you have something that was uniquely made? I’m a sucker for good stories and interestingly crafted pieces—be it clothes, accessories, furniture and so on. If you have something to share, please tell me about it!


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