Leather bow ties by ReformedSchool

“Wait, is that…leather?” The knot of our fit model’s bow tie caught my attention. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so excited about something that I couldn’t wear. (I mean, yes, girls can wear bow ties—just not this girl.)

Adult Recycled Brown Tweed Bow Tie with Leather by ReformedSchool on Etsy

photo: Reformed-School.com

Last week I taught a packed New Stylist training class for J.Hilburn in Chicago. During the measurement section of the day, I demonstrate how to take a man’s 16 body measurements. After, the class pairs up and practices what they’ve learned on our fit models. Mind you, these aren’t professional models; they are current clients that live in the cities in which we’re conducting a class. I’ve met so many interesting people that have ‘modeled’ for our classes—finance guys, surfer dudes…they’ve all been different shapes and sizes—which makes for great practice!

In Chicago, I had the privilege of working alongside four gentleman who work in theater. If their physique didn’t clue you in on their profession, seeing them, subconsciously, stand in first position while having their measurements taken, would!

I learned that the bow tie wearing gentleman actually made his bow tie and has a variety that he sells on Etsy! I was totally impressed with his hobby that I wanted to let people know about it. (The price is SO reasonable that if you are a bow tie wearing guy, you can stock up on Reformed School’s selections or if you aren’t, but have wanted to try, now’s an excellent time.)

A sneak peek—check out the distressed denim, floral and love note!

a display of Adult bow ties with leather, distressed denim, floral, studs and red tartan plaid

photo: Reformed-School.com



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