Which necklace to wear? + Style workshop invitation

Jewelry. It hints at your mood, and is usually the last piece you put on before you leave.

Just like clothes, there are specific types of jewelry that are flattering on you. Your bone structure and personality play a part in the selection—as does the image you want to convey.

Never mind the fact that I’m not smiling in one of the photos below. The agate graduated stone necklace is intense and sleek; it feels fitting to match it with a sleek ponytail. Do you also see how my neck looks longer in that picture? The yellow necklace, in an obviously cheerier color, seems more approachable. (to anyone I come into contact with) It also visually shortens the appearance of my neck, which is fine, because it’s long to begin with.

black agate graduated stone necklace and yellow necklace on lena porter

I like both necklaces, for different occasions. For a first session with a new client, I most likely wouldn’t wear the black, as it might intimidate him/her. (And I want the people I work with to listen to me, not to be scared!) But, if I have a meeting with a brand, then the black necklace would fit in perfectly. As for that audience, the piece can come across more so as creative, and not ‘rah!’

Disclaimer: the photos were taken at the end of the day, hence the reason I look so sleepy!

Speaking of jewelry, here is your Save-the-Date! I’ll be speaking at the fashion & jewelry workshop in May. Hope to see you Michigan ladies there. 🙂

jewelry and style workshop with Lena Porter invitation


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