A ‘mother-daughter’ boutique

It’s the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day. How fun!

In honor of this, I want to talk about 3 things:

1. A contest! Long Elegant Legs is a fashion site that caters to taller women.

To win a printed canvas of your mom, as well as a gift card of your choosing, all you need to do is leave a comment below this post, describing the best fashion or life lesson your mother has taught you. Then, LEL will choose a few of their favorites to win!

Cindy & Lena

2. I recently stumbled upon a new boutique (new to Ann Arbor; they have other shops in Kerrytown, Petoskey & Charleston, SC). While chatting with the manager about their merch she said, “We’re a mother-daughter shop.” She means, moms and their daughters can both successfully wear the clothes. In this case, I agree. (unless your daughter is a child) The very fun part of this is that each of you can walk away with a new find, instead of the ‘your store, my store’ shopping excursions. Who knows, you might even pick up the SAME item, but wear it differently. If shopping is a favored pastime for you & your mum, check out V2V.

bustier + long skirt at V2V women's boutique (Arbor Crossing) Ann Arbor, MI

V2V boutique display


glass table jewelry display at V2V Arbor Crossing Ann Arbor, MI

3. If your mother wasn’t or isn’t a big style influence in your life but you love her so damn much…and would like to give her a heart-felt gift, how about creating a Pinterest board of your favorite mom memories? Then, SEND the board to share with her directly on Mother’s Day!

*Pinterest is running a contest too, in which you make a public board of your mom and they select a winner to receive a Teleflora gift card. I read their message yesterday, the deadline is May 7th. Really should check their emails more often.

Pinterest Mother's Day ChallengeP.S. Mollypacks has met and surpassed their goal on Kickstarter—we’re getting fanny packs! Thanks to all of you who pledged and promoted her designs.


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  1. Lena says:

    A long time ago my mom said, “Don’t compare yourself to anyone. There will always be people with more. There will always be people with less.” A great thing to remember when, especially when judging your success in life.

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