Summer Clothes to Protect Your Skin

If you can’t take the heat, wear this…

HSN has asked for dressing tips on how to stay “Safe and Stylish in the Sun.”

If my 25 and under self was writing this, it would read much differently. It wasn’t until about 25 years old that I realized dressing in the summer wasn’t always about how to avoid tan lines, but more importantly about staying cool, being comfortable and protecting your skin. For 3 years I drove along the Pacific Coast on my way to work. (That didn’t suck! Actually, the traffic did, but not the view.) Researchers have stated that American drivers’ with skin cancer had more of it on the left side of their face compared to their right.

I say that because I didn’t use to wear a moisturizer with SPF—thought only to do that when heading to…the beach, lake, pool etc. In talking with several ladies, the general consensus is that we used to get much darker when we were kids. Yes of course, that is party due to the fact that we slept in our swim suits and were outside for much longer than we are now, as adults. It isn’t just that though, my body just can’t take the heat like it used. My face and shoulders get hot very quickly. My maxed out skin color is much lighter than it was growing up.

Just like how our styles evolve as our lives and bodies do, so too is the way we handle dressing for the sun.

If you can relate to any of the above, then here are some suggestions—on looking fantastic while doing your skin a favor.

Lena Porter_for HSN_Safe and Stylish in the Sun campaign 1


tops—lightweight material with sleeves provides coverage for your shoulders

sheer is sexy, cotton is classic. knotting the bottom and rolling up the sleeves adds interest.

* As always, pair opposites to visually look balanced. i.e. flowly linen pants with a form fitting tank; loose top with structured jean shorts

hat—fedora for everyday/driving/errands/BBQs

wide brim sun hat—for some, this is one of those hats you feel more comfortable wearing…while on vacation…in Monaco (because it quite GRAND and maybe not practical for home life.) I like wearing hats like this while gardening—gives full coverage of the ears and shoulders. If this is too luxurious for your tastes, opt for a less wide brim.

sunnies—it’s real annoying when you have on a pair of shades that lets the sun in through the sides. Instead, try on before you buy.

backpack—less is more in the summertime. That rings true for bags, jewelry and makeup. I love my vintage woven backpack in the summer. It’s less weight and gives my shoulders a break. Plus, I dig the texture.

scarves—this one doubles as a beach wrap. There are tons of ways to tie a sarong (and a million videos on Youtube to watch).

* bonus! I have owned all of these items for YEARS. Another beautiful thing about summer clothes is that they really don’t go out of style.

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