A Blast from the Past: 3 Back-to-School Brands

My sister is off to college this month! I remember the day she was born, so shopping for dorm stuff with her is weird, and exciting.

A few quick picks for those heading back to school…and for those of us who aren’t, but like to shop like we are [starting a new season].

1. JanSport

Just like Trapper Keepers, didn’t we all once have a JanSport bag? If you’re feeling nostalgic, you’ll be pumped to know that Madewell is doing a collaboration with JanSport on a variety of backpacks.

jansport madewell compadre backpack color: burgundy

photo: madewell.com

jansport madewell compadre backpack color:  olive

2. Aritzia

This free-spirited Canadian brand came out with a playful back-to-school campaign today. As cheeky as the titles are, I’ve had all of these types in my classes. If you don’t identify with any of these 5 styles, you’re bound to find some go-tos in the Essentials section.

Aritzia models posing as student body: studious, rebellious, adventurous, flirt, most popular and essentials

photo: aritzia.com

Aritzia back to school looks: Essentials and Most Studious models 2014

Aritzia models posing as Most Rebellious and Most Adventurous, leather jacket, plaid shirt

Aritzia models posing as 'biggest flirt' and 'most popular' mini skirt, denim jacket

3. Nike

A recent assignment led me into Pogo where I was drawn to the, newly released from their archives, Air Jordan 3 Retro in Wolf Grey sneaks. I know very little about the sneaker head world, but these kicks are cool. While inside the shop, I learned that pre-teens, college kids and collectors are going bananas over this limited edition shoe.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro Wolf Grey product shot

photo: inflexwetrust.com


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