“No Fish No Nothing” You Can Wear Its Sweatshirt

While pulling for a photo shoot, I learned of Kenzo’s “no fish no nothing” slogan.

More and more brands are getting a conscious (or at least being more vocal about it) and that’s something that excites me. Whether you are empowering people to create a better life for themselves, giving access to greatly needed resources, or gifting a kid with a new pair of shoes (!) incorporating philanthropy into your business model is becoming second nature.

Anything that has to do with water is high on my charity list. Maybe it’s the Pisces in me, but when I see water being wasted, I itch (with helpless anxiety). We can’t act like we have endless resources, especially us Americans (which sadly, have a bad rap for being wasteful consumers).

Enter in Japanese born, French luxury retailer Kenzo. The brand is speaking out against the dangers of overfishing and pollution. To help raise awareness, they’ve designed a unisex capsule collection where ALL proceeds will be donated to the Blue Marine Foundation, which ensures the protection of the world’s oceans.

I’m picturing this sweatshirt paired with light blue/grey/black jeans. Hey, maybe even a leather skirt with some asymmetrical zipper action to give it some punch. Or if you’re the kind of person that prefers to break the rules, get nuts with volume and pair it with culottes.


model on runway in Kenzo no fish no nothing sweatshirt

photo: blogs.nordstrom.com

Kenzo no fish no nothing tank

photo: farfetch.com

* Good news! This capsule collection is now on sale.

 For you retail marketing junkies, read below on how Kenzo put a spin on its pop-up shop in Paris (digital)!

in Paris spring 2014, electronic fish swim on Kenzo's digital pop up shop

photo: Kenzo.com




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