$20 Off a New Pair of Jeans + Maternity Options Too

Look in your closet, at that stack of denim.

How many pairs do you have?

Now how many pairs do you actually wear?

Maybe you don’t like the wash anymore. Maybe they haven’t fit, for awhile. Whatever the reason, if you can get rid of a pair, here’s a fantastic opportunity to help people in need and insulate their houses!

I’m on-board with the Madewell + Blue Jeans Go Green repurposing denim mission. To provide you do-gooders with some fun, Madewell (inside Somerset) is having an in-store party this Thursday and they’re giving you perks:

  • $20 OFF a new pair of jeans
  • FREE hemming. (That’s like $40 total and a time save.)

Here are the details.

Madewell is recycling denim into housing insulation in partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green

Now for the pregnant set:

Before I was pregnant, I’d often hear of how important it was to have a ‘good’ pair of maternity jeans. Since I appreciate a well-made, comfortable pair of denim, I agreed with this statement. Then, I was the pregnant one. From the start, I wanted to wear my own clothes for as long as possible. It wasn’t for reasons of denial or vain, I just like what I own and didn’t want to overhaul my closet.

Jeans, it turns out are crucial. It doesn’t matter what is your lifestyle, job type or due date, a comfortable pair of jeans that looks great on you is essential and will carry you through all four trimesters.

I couldn’t have said it any better than 9 In The Mirror, so click on the link below to see their beautiful maternity denim options. I adore how they’ve broken down your ideal choices based on trimester. And the very last thing to discover is “which woman are you—over the bump or under the bump.” One of them will feel best. 9 In The Mirror: Denim Guide

first, second, third and fourth trimester style options

pregnant woman in red and black plaid coat and light jeans

Photo: 9 in the mirror.com


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