Celebs Who Have Upgraded Their Style

While watching the red carpet lineup of the Grammys via E! News, I started to think about a few of the ‘stylish’ celebrities and how they used to dress. Kelly Osbourne, for example, is one of the hosts of Fashion Police—so that means she’s regarded as a style expert. She dresses her shape well and embraces a style all her own…now.

Kelly Osbourne red hair, grey hair

Photo Credit: Getty Images, WENN via whowhatwear

I’m not re-posting these pictures to knock any of these ladies. Instead, my intention is to bring awareness to your own style and to go easy on yourself. For many of these women, their style transformation was due to age (teenager to adult), changes in lifestyle (you’re now a princess) or career. And yes, for others, their style upgrade is credited to now working with a stylist.

Taylor Swift in moccasin boots and long navy coat

Photo credit: WENN, Getty Images via whowhatwear

Kate Middleton in jeans and knee high boots, green dress

Photo Credit: Getty Images via whowhatwear

solange knowles yellow outfit

Photo Credit: Getty Images via whowhatwear

We’ve all looked through old photos and had some ‘eek’ moments. Since so much of our world is focused on the looks of musicians, actors and…people that don’t act but are on TV, I think it’s important to remember that people are people. We all go through changes in life which alter how we feel and how we want to be perceived. If you are in a rut style-wise—your usual go-tos just aren’t feeling like you anymore—know that this is normal. How do you get out of it? The best place to start is to pay attention to what catches your eye: maybe it’s cruising around Pinterest, ripping out of a magazine or really digging the ensembles from your favorite TV show. Without putting any pressure on yourself, this mess of pictures will start to form a look just for you. {If this is too much effort, you can always hire a stylist! (cough: me)}



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