Loungewear Instead of Lingerie

Loungewear sounds so much more sophisticated than sweats, don’t you think?

Since most relationships go through phases (flirting, courting, officially dating, then whichever direction you choose—moving in, getting married and so on), so to does your form of dress. Disclaimer: I’m not saying that everyone should start off in sport coats and heels and then plateau at hoodies and sweat pants. But you all know that a level of comfortability comes with longevity when you’re a couple.

For a lot of newer romances, Valentine’s Day gifts = lingerie. For the lay person, it’s a trip to Victoria’s Secret. But, what if you’ve been there and done that? Why not tap into loungewear aka cute sweats. ‘Cute’ meaning something someone past college would wear.

It’s cold, it’s snowy and we’re all busy, which means shopping online sounds like the best idea. For this type of clothing however, the material is really important. No one wants a scratchy cotton PJ set.

* I adore modal (fabric).

I’ve seen the below brands in person and would vote ‘yes’ on the fabric and design.

2 piece blue women's pajama set Eberjey

Photo Credit: shopbop.com

white tank top and pants pajama set Eberjey

Photo Credit: Shopbop.com

pink cashmere dance yoga sweater Athletica

Photo Credit: Athletica.com

grey romper

Photo Credit: BananaRepulbic.com

A Last Minute Valentine’s Gift For Your Guy:
Don’t you want the man by your side to look good too?
With J.Hilburn, you can choose casual or dressy clothes—you know it will fit since the shirts are custom made. Yes! Gift cards are easily available online.

men's custom shirts, J.Hilburn gift card, cashmere sweaterHappy Valentine’s Day! (And remember, gift-giving yourself is completely acceptable. :))

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