An Example of How a Guy Can Wear Joggers

Here my friend and fellow Stylist, Alvin, shows how a guy can wear joggers (i.e. dressed up sweatpants).

This look isn’t for everyone, but over the past year I’ve gotten so many questions about how to pull it off, that I thought it time to show how a real person (non-model) wears them while going about his day.

When you see mainstream brands, like Banana Republic, featuring the style, it has many men asking if it’s something they ‘can’ do. But a better question is, “Do you want to?” (Or are you just being lazy and the idea of wearing sweats and having it be acceptable is enticing.)

If you are in a non-corporate or creative environment or are an entrepreneur, this may be an option for you. Something to think about before each time you dress, “How would my client/the people I’m seeing today feel about this?” If you’re trying to win a client over or seal a deal (this includes dating) give some thought as to how you’ll be perceived, then proceed!

* Part of what makes this ensemble ‘work’ is that it’s all cotton. You don’t see Alvin grabbing one of his wool suit jackets (would look ridiculous). Also, shoes are important. He has on Cole Haans; other boots or sneakers are smart choices too—just don’t throw on wingtips or monkstraps etc. The idea is to stay casual, instead of hodge-podging your dressy + casual clothes.

white dress shirt, brown cole haan boots, Bonobos khaki jacket, black joggers

Photo Credit: Alvin Cooper III

grey and yellow plaid tie, copper tie bar, orange pocket square

Photo Credit: Alvin Cooper III

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