Check out these 4 activewear brands

Who would have ever thought that activewear would branch into different categories? I remember when I was in high school, plain cotton sports bras, baggy t-shirts and long lacrosse shorts were our activewear. In college, for some reason, cutting the neckline of your hoodies—so they looked ripped—was a ‘cute’ sweatshirt.

Now your options are:

High-end: adidas by Stella McCartney, tennis skirts that make me want to belong to a club! Or at least start keeping real score instead of playing “how many times can we hit it back and forth.”

Affordable: C-9 by Champion at Target or Old Navy’s line

Crunchy: Patagonia

The newest category, which has really stepped up its game lately, is Design. (I just made up that title.) Here we have Without Walls, the year old activewear brand by Urban Outfitters. The cuts, patterns and usage of color are unique. Some of the pieces, I can easily see being incorporated into a “real clothes” outfit—especially for summer. Available online and in select Urban Outfitter stores. Photos by:

Seea Hermosa One-Piece Surf Suit by Without Walls at Urban Outfitters

Remind anyone else of her Shera doll?

WithoutWalls floral reversible wrap bra

black short sleeved poncho by WithoutWalls

floral running shorts, grey zip up hooded jacket

black and white stripe surf legging or yoga pant

blue, orange bikini top and skirt

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