My Favorite Winter Boots Are Clogs

Are you still wearing UGGs? Do you hate me for implying that it’s not the coolest winter choice?

Unless you are living in SoCal (Jill! Sara!) we’re all pretty much looking for the same benefits in a winter boot:

  1. They have to be comfortable.
  2. They can’t look torched after walking through:
    brown slush
  3. They have to be warm.
  4. Ideally, you can wear them around town, day and night.
  5. They aren’t solely suitable for mountain resorts.
  6. They are as esthetically pleasing as possible—because sometimes a stylish winter look is tough to achieve, especially when the rest of you is layered and bundled.
    For example: Hunter boots look darling when skin is showing. Think: Kate Moss at a muddy concert.
Kate Moss wearing Hunter Boots at muddy concert

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Today I had a check-up and my doc was way into my No.6 clogs. I adore them and probably should get some sort of kickback for all the orders I’m sending their way. (!)
Last week, I sat on the steps of a dressmaker’s shop to take off my boots so my client could try them on and establish her size. (She then bought a pair that day.)

I’ve been living in these boots, and though 6 months have passed—filled with heaps of snow, slush and ice rink-like streets, they still look as good as new. Isn’t that refreshing to hear about a boot living in the Midwest?

black sherling lined No.6 store clog boots

No.6 clogs have:
* water repellant leather
* lacquered wooden base

So you simply wipe clean after getting home. I have the fully lined shearling boot because I live in Michigan. For you 310’ers, there are tons of fun non-toasty leather or suede clog options. Check out the ones for spring too—because “technically” that’s a few weeks away.

Old School Clog on High Heel in Cement


P.S. A note on swingers?
Mike’s friend was over the other day and, after entering our house, informed us that pineapples are the new indicator of a swinging couple. I had just gotten this new doormat…and we had 2 pineapples on the counter. (Hey—they’re in season!) Oops! Is this a geographical thing or have you heard of this too?

black clog boots on pineapple doormat

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2 Responses to My Favorite Winter Boots Are Clogs

  1. Linda says:

    I love these boots! I’ve been wearing my pair of Uggs for 5 years now and I’m finally realizing I just can’t keep them clean. I went to the website and want to order a pair of the shearling style but I’m unsure of what size to order. It says they run 1 to 1 1/2 sizes small. How much larger did you have to go?

    • Lena says:

      For shoes, I usually wear a size 8 (39). In the shearling boots, I got a size 8.5/9 (40). They fit perfect! Remember though, the lining is thick/cozy, so you should wear thin socks with them (in order for your feet to fit and not to overheat)! Enjoy ’em!

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