The “Me Time” Mother’s Day Giveaway

If you’ve ever found yourself left with no choice but to nurse in a dressing room or hold your baby while inside the stall of a department store restroom, you have experienced the unpleasantries of shopping with a baby.

My daughter turned ONE last week (!) and life as a new mom has been a heck of a ride. Ani is the greatest gift and I regret nothing with her. (Wait—except for waking her up every three hours to feed. Looking back, I wish I would have just let her sleep! Instead I was plagued with fear that she wouldn’t gain her weight back quick enough.)

Among MANY things I’ve learned this past year, one is that your time is no longer your own. Anything you want to do, needs to be scheduled. No more strolling into shops, impromptu visits with friends or long showers. When the first opportunities for “me time” came about, I was paralyzed. Do I run an errand that’s easier to do without her in tow? Do I go for a walk? Well, I guess I can do that with her. What about read a magazine? Shouldn’t I do something productive instead? And then a bunch of times my thought process ended with, “I really just want to sleep.” Not the coolest way to make use of a babysitter’s time though.

Mother's Day gift_personal stylist

Getting dressed now involves chasing a shoe thief. :)

Mother’s need to be treated. I now truly empathize with the self-less life of a mom. Which is why I’m so excited to award a Mother’s Day present to one lucky lady!

So if you…or someone you know…is a mom…

* bored with her wardrobe
* doesn’t feel like herself anymore in her clothes
* feels like she has no time to do anything about the above two

Then she would really dig a Closet Detox session!

Mamas wanting to put their names in the hat, simply fill out the below and email to: April 15-May 7.

Ages of children:

Each applicant will receive a curated board of Weekend Looks (on point and realistic outfits for busy women with kids).

On Mother’s Day, May 8th, the winning woman will be contacted via email.

Mother's Day Gift 2016

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3 Responses to The “Me Time” Mother’s Day Giveaway

  1. Jennifer Stogiera says:

    My friend Jen has cared for her foster son, whom she is hoping to adopt for over a year. She cleans houses for a living. Has put on a little weight and could really use a pick me up. She is an amazing friend to me, and I know that feeling pretty can change your whole perspective.

    Katie Page

  2. Cindy Piskorowski says:

    How cute!
    It doesn’t take a women long to appreciate nice shoes. Ani is only 1 years old and she knows her stuff.

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